Tenerife Stock Images, CanaryPix Image library.


We have the following stock subjects available outlined below. However we are constantly adding to our collection. Please "contact"  if there is something you need but can't find in our "galleries".

Canary Islands.
Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, Fuerteventura, La Palma. El Hierro.
Spain Peninsular.
Barcelona, Cataluna, Cadiz,Costa del Sur, Lleida, Pyrenees,Benalmádena, 
Images from 1975 -1977. Barbados, Venezuala, Aruba, St Thomas,Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica,Colombia, Curacao. 
Hamburg, Munich, Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Füssen, Lake Forggansee, Neuschwanstein,
Oberramagau, Schramburg, Tennenbron.
Abstract, cattle, Hahntennjoch pass,Mondsee, Wolfgangsee,Imst district, Innnsbruck, Lake Haldensee, Lake Resia, Lake Visalpsee, Meadows, Mountains, Plansee lake, Reutte,rivers,roads. Scenic images, lakes, mountains, streams, towns, fields, forest,cow sheds, pastures, spring flowers.
U.K.     North Yorkshire, Scotland, London, South coast.
Canada. Vancouver, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Russia. Lennigrad - St Petersburg.
Portugal - Madiera,  Morocco. Cassablanca.  China, Canton Guangzhou. Samoa, Australia, sheep, black swans.
Dramatic Sky.
France -
Paris, Polution- Contamination. Thailand- Bankok, Pattaya, USA. New York, St Thomas. Still life- Old cameras, bottles.thermometer. South Pacific- Tonga, Fiji, Guam,Rotarura, Noumea. Switzerland- Ritzingen, Lake Leman,Vevay,Neuchatel.
Italy- Venice, st marks square,lagoon,Campanile,belfry,moody,gondolas, gondaliers. Norway, Bergen,ms Vistafjiord, Spitzbergen. Hammerfest.  Indonesia - Bali.
We believe we have an extremely varied and unusual collection of flora and nature images, All botanical plants are key worded with their common and Latin name. Locate plants using the search button or look through galleries. 
Wild flowers - Canarian wild flowers   - Insects and Lizards -  Garden flowers  - Lichen Moss and wood - Trees and Climbers-Birds -Animals.

Food / Drink

Red Green chili, Cauliflower, lemons ,Broccoli, potato, drink, corn on the cob,table place settings, bread, prepared food, salad vegetables, Food markets, Bell peppers, tomatoes, green chili peppers, Papaya, Italian peppers, Aubergine Eggplant, beetroot, Carots, Pomegranate.